We Deliver tangible results

  • Al Rajhi Holding Company (Closed Joint Stock Company)

  • College of Telecommunications

  • Dar Al-Arkan Company

  • Al-Rasam Trading Group

  • Rakab Company

  • Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Private University in Tabuk

  • Qafileh Thaqeef Local and International Transport Company

  • Prince Sultan bin Fahd Academy for Football Sports

  • Saudi International Tourism Agency

  • Al-Wajh Al-Bahri Marketing Company (Saudi-Kuwaiti Company)

  • Falcon Group for Financial Services

  • Qassim Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Al-Kharj University

  • Expansion of Adarat Company Factory

  • Greenhouses Production Factory

  • Expansion of the National Polyethylene Tanks Factory

  • Arab Car Maintenance Company

  • Abdul Latif Jameel Small Projects Support Fund

  • Houston Services Company

  • Preparation of an Economic Feasibility Study for establishing a Closed Joint Stock Company

  • Durrat Riyadh Company

  • Glass Factory

  • Atlas Factory for Green Feed Packaging Equipment

  • Establishment of a Private Banking Institute

  • Saudi Engineering Training Company

  • Royal Commission Private Boys' Schools

  • Advanced Physical Therapy Center in Al-Jouf Region

  • Industrial City Development in Sabia Province