Al-Ghazi Ali Abdullah Al-Ghazi Bureau for Economic and Management Consulting, is a private Saudi firm based in Riyadh, working in the field of industrial, Economic and Management consulting, studies and advisory, providing up-to date and tailored solutions to various businesses. 

From the significant experience of our in-door experts, advisors and associated consultants, their proficiency and their pointed expertise, we provide high standard integrated consulting and advisory services to public and private sectors. 

Our constant commitment is to help our clients in building their path to prosperity and sketching a promising perspective for their business. Considering our clients as business partners, we deliver tailored services beyond their expectations, answering to all their conceptual and practical requirements.

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Tailoring our services to the business expectations of each of our customers

 To be the premium choice whenever specialized management and economic consulting and advisory is required in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Delivering high-quality performances to our clients

Total satisfaction of our clients

Continuous development of our expertise

Excellent reputation

We are concerned with providing tailored and fruitful solutions in order to create productive, competitive and successful business and management solutions, in a wide range of business fields that keep pace with the technological progress and globalization.

  • In our market research: Accuracy in preparing, collecting and analyzing data by experienced consultants and advisors
  • In our consulting: tailored and practical solutions easy to implement, conducted by high-qualified consultants